Medicaid & Collaborative Care for Substance Use Disorder

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Read a white paper outlining CoCM's potential to improve substance use disorder outcomes, and the benefits of widespread Medicaid coverage

The Path Forward is a coalition of influential non-profits aiming to leverage their expertise to increase access to quality mental health care and treatment for substance use disorder. Collaborative Care (CoCM) has been identified as one of five key tenets in this push for healthcare reform. The Path Forward and Shatterproof recently published a white paper that includes 

  • Cited research demonstrating improved health outcomes and cost benefits from CoCM
  • Information on the relationship between CoCM and substance use disorder treatment
  • A breakdown of CoCM codes and their coverage by Medicare 
  • Proposed payment models for Medicaid and collaborative care, including coverage of CoCM implementation costs 

Currently, only 14 state Medicaid programs reimburse for CoCM codes (1). Consistent reimbursement can lead to more widespread adoption of CoCM, ultimately increasing access to evidence-based mental health treatment. 


1. American Psychiatric Association (2019). Coverage for Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management Codes (CPT Codes 99492-99494). 

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