Care Management Tracking System (CMTS)

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A full-featured and customizable web application for behavioral health caseload management

Using a population-based approach to health care helps ensure that no patient falls through the cracks. An essential piece of all successful behavioral health integration and collaborative care implementations is a technology tool that tracks clinical outcomes for populations of patients and supports systematic changes in treatment for patients who are not improving as expected. Learn more about selecting a tool in the AIMS Center’s Implementation Guide.

CMTS is a HIPAA-compliant web application developed by the University of Washington AIMS Center to support the core principles of effective integrated care. It has been used in dozens of implementation and research projects in 24 states throughout the US and Canada, helping over 100,000 patients receive better care.
CMTS is the most fully-featured and customizable registry option that the AIMS Center offers. It is ideal for research studies or contexts that span multiple healthcare organizations using various EHRs,  and/or with very specific tracking/reporting needs. The simpler AIMS Caseload Tracker registry is typically a more suitable choice for most standard behavioral health integration projects without special data collection needs.

CMTS is a standalone system that is used alongside the EHR to augment the functionality needed to support collaborative care. All clinical activity must also be recorded in the EHR so that the primary care team has access to the most up-to-date information. It is necessary for all members of the care team, including the psychiatric consultant, to have access to the EHR.
CMTS supports measurement-based care integrations and collaborative care workflows in various ways.

Collaborative Care Workflows

  • Captures patients’ current medication lists, diagnosis and care plans
  • Provides structure to behavioral health care provider visits via comprehensive note templates
  • Tracks referrals and appointments and provides alerts and reminders for behavioral health care provider follow-up
  • Supports efficient psychiatric case reviews by compiling patient summary reports and capturing psychiatric consultant recommendations for treatment adjustments  

Measurement-based Treatment to Target

  • Displays progress over time for individual patients' symptoms using the PHQ-9, GAD-7, medical measures and any other standardized measurement tools used by your organization
  • Produces interactive caseload reports summarizing symptom score improvement and contact dates
  • Identifies patients who are not improving so they can be prioritized for psychiatric case review or systematic change in treatment

Other functions to support population-level tracking include:

System-level Reporting   

  • Calculates real-time provider and clinic statistics like caseload size, length in treatment, and visit frequency
  • Facilitates reporting on the HEDIS Depression Remission and Response measure
  • Tracks minutes for CPT and G-code billing
  • Offers downloadable data exports for reporting and analysis

Licensing and Use

Licenses to use CMTS are available to AIMS Center implementation and research partners. If you would like more information about CMTS, please contact