AIMS Caseload Tracker with EHR Interoperability

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The AIMS Center offers the AIMS Caseload Tracker with EHR data interoperability. This enhanced version uses an integration engine to read real-time clinical data from your EHR and display it within the AIMS Caseload Tracker user interface. This eliminates double-documentation burden for clinical staff and ensures accurate and up-to-date information is available across the care team. 

“Working with the University of Washington AIMS Center staff has been a great experience for our clinic as we developed and integrated behavioral health services into primary care. We have been using the AIMS Caseload Tracker for nearly 2 years and have been impressed with how well it interfaces with our EHR, as well as it’s usability for our clinicians and care managers. The development team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to any questions or issues that come up and communicate well to resolve them. We look forward to continuing to use the tracker at all of our sites.”
- Lee Ann Hiebert, BH Services Coordinator


EHR Compatibility

The AIMS Caseload Tracker is compatible with most EHRs using the best connection type available, whether it's HL7, FHIR or APIs. Our successful pilot sites have used Athena, NextGen and Cerner, and we look forward to adding to that list. Our EHR integration partner has expertise working with Epic, Meditech and many more. Please contact us to learn more if your EHR is not listed here.

Time to Launch

We will work closely with your team on scoping and feasibility prior to a formal project kickoff. Once integration work begins, the typical project takes 4-6 weeks, but this can vary depending on the capacity of your technical team.


Health care organizations can license the AIMS Caseload Tracker from the University of Washington for an annual fee that covers hosting, maintenance, and training on how to use the application. Your organization is responsible for any fees that may be imposed by your EHR vendor.

Users typically include behavioral health providers, care managers, psychiatry providers, behavioral health supervisors and other administrators.

Number of Users Annual License Fee
1-5 $6,500
6-30 $10,000
31-50 $15,000
51-100 $20,000



The AIMS Center will work closely with your clinic and technical team to complete a data integration plan and technical feasibility assessment prior to kicking off. A project roadmap is available to provide an overview of the process. Please email to learn more.