Implementation Support

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Since 2004, the AIMS Center has worked with over 1,000 organizations and trained more than 6,000 clinicians around the world to implement Collaborative Care. Our implementation partners range from small, rural practices to large, complex health plans in the United States and abroad. Although we are selective in the projects we take on, we welcome your inquiries.

Most of our implementations and projects focus on adapting and implementing Collaborative Care in real-world settings. Our work is supported by grants and contracts from federal, state, county, and private funders as well as training and consulting fees paid by implementing clinics. Our implementation support consists of program-level coaching, clinical skills training, and evaluation assistance, as outlined below. The specific configuration of services is customized to meet the needs of each implementing organization or initiative and can also include in-person training and/or distance learning courses in core content areas such as clinical preparedness, team communication, and brief intervention therapies proven to work in primary care. 

Pre-launch Coaching

The pre-launch coaching phase typically lasts for 3-4 months and focuses on developing the systems and processes needed for program implementation. This consists of monthly calls that walk clinic leaders through steps that prepare the organization for their program's launch and sustainment. Pre-launch training for the clinical team typically occurs in the month immediately prior to program launch.

Clinical Skills Training

Our highly experienced clinical trainers work with behavioral health providers to prepare them for working in the primary care setting. BH care managers delve deeper into the clinical skills necessary to manage a wide range of behavioral health concerns by receiving training on specific, focused topics. Typically, this is a 6-12 month program consisting of monthly didactic webinars followed by case conference presentations where clinicians can demonstrate and receive feedback on their applied skills. Training topics and schedules are determined according to the preferences of each organization. 

We also offer standalone clinical skills training programs. See our Online Training for BH Care Managers and Problem Solving Treatment training.


Post-launch Coaching 

Post-launch implementation coaching typically lasts 12 months and focuses on identifying and resolving implementation challenges by using evidence-based metrics and practice-based benchmarks. The specific configuration of services is customized to meet the needs of each implementing organization. A peer-reviewed paper published in 2020 showed that clinics receiving this implementation support had better patient-level clinical outcomes as compared with clinics that did not receive this support. 

Program Evaluation

We offer program evaluation support for organizations that want to use their data to evaluate their Collaborative Care program. The AIMS Center has faculty with expertise in research and program evaluation who can consult with organizations about how to set up an evaluation and use the data for their own internal purposes or to publish it.


Contact In your message, please include: 

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  • Information about your intended goals and current model of care delivery