What Does It Take for Primary Care Practices to Truly Deliver Behavioral Health Care?

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In this viewpoint, Lloyd Sederer, MD, the Medical Director for the New York Office of Mental Health, discusses the New York State Collaborative Care Initiative (NYSCCI) and the partnerships that allowed the initiative to be launched. The NYSCCI is a federally funded initiative to fully integrate behavioral health care services into ambulatory, primary care resident sites, beginning with Academic Medical  Centers. The AIMS Center played an integral role in setting up a technical assistance team to provide on-site technical assistance to six sites and web-based technical assistance (webinars and online tools) to the remaining sites. Dr. Sederer looks at the implementation challenges, successes, and what can be done to ensure Collaborative Care in the future.

JAMA Psychiatry
Publication date
March 3, 2014
Lloyd I. Sederer, MD