Our Projects

A high-profile initiative that aims to promote and facilitate innovation in the delivery of healthcare around the globe.
The AIMS Center is partnering with Santa Clara County Mental Health Department of California to provide training and implementation coaching in support of their Collaborative Care Initiative for depression, anxiety, and PTSD in several FQHC's, FQHC look-alikes, and county public health clinics.
Jürgen Unützer serves as a member of this multi-year effort to develop guidelines for essential mental health services in developing countries.
Many older adults are reluctant to seek depression treatment yet may participate in community-based programs or have close relationships with family and friends. This project explores different ways of engaging older adults in the treatment of depression.
Jürgen Unützer co-directs this group aimed to address gaps in the implementation of effective global mental health interventions.
BHIP uses collaborative care to bring mental health treatment into UW Neighborhood Clinics, a system of primary care clinics located throughout greater Seattle.
This project hopes to gain valuable insight about how to best care for depressed mothers, especially in clinics serving low-income populations.
Jürgen Unützer is a member of a task force that is examining reform options for the State of Washington's adult behavioral health system.
Montefiore Medical Center's Bronx B-HIP aims to improve care for both pediatric and adult patients with a variety of behavioral health conditions through implementation of the Collaborative Care model.
The New York State Collaborative Care Initiative is helping primary care residents learn how to effectively practice team-based care to treat mental health conditions, a skill that has become increasingly important as integrated care becomes more widespread.
Jürgen Unützer edits a monthly column that explores the joys, challenges, and limitations of practicing integrated, or collaborative, care.
A large number of women receive their routine care in obstetrics-gynecology (OB-GYN) clinics, including a disproportionate percentage of low-income and minority women. For many of these women, OB-GYNs are the only provider they see on a regular basis.
The AIMS Center is helping 30 primary care clinics in Alameda County develop an integrated mental health care initiative targeting depression, anxiety and PTSD to increase the effectiveness of care.
In 2011, a group of national thought leaders participated in a summit meeting to discuss atient-centered integrated mental health solutions in the era of health care reform. The group created a checklist of core principles and components of effective integrated behavioral health care.
TEAMcare was a randomized controlled trial designed to test collaborative care strategies in managing depression, diabetes, and coronary heart disease in primary care.